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What To Do When Someone Dies: Social Security and Other Government Organizations
What To Do When Someone Dies: Social Security and Other Government Organizations

Many times, the death of a loved one occurs when he or she has reached an advanced agean age at which Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are part of the financial structure of his or her estate. As part... more »

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North Haven Funeral Homes

  • Location in Connecticut


    North Haven is also known as: North Haven Bridge and North Haven Bridge, Connecticut.

    North Haven contains: Peter's Rock.

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  • Location in Connecticut

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Paul Marcarelli (screenwriter and actor).

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  • History

    North Haven is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut on the outskirts of New Haven, Connecticut. It is near Sleeping Giant State Park and home the Quinnipiac University School of Health Sciences, the School of Nursing, School of Education, and School of Medicine. North Haven has easy access to I-91 and Route 15. The population was estimated at 23,908 in 2005. In July 2007, Money Magazine ranked North Haven as the eighty-sixth "best place to live" in the United States. North Haven is 27 miles (43 km) from Hartford, 76 miles (122 km) from New York City, 80 miles (130 km) from Providence and 115 miles (185 km) from Boston. The center of town in generally considered to be an area stretching along Route 5, from approximately its interchange with I-91 in the north to Bailey Road in the south. In his will of 1714, the...

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All Funeral Homes in North Haven

North Haven Funeral Home Incorporated
36 Washington Ave Send flowers
North Haven, CT 06473


Washington Memorial Funeral Home
4 Washington Ave Send flowers
North Haven, CT 06473

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