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Are There Differences between Male and Female Funeral Directors?

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Port Charlotte Funeral Homes

  • Location of Port Charlotte, Florida


    Port Charlotte is also known as: Charlotte County / Port Charlotte CDP.


    The first people to call the Port Charlotte area home were the nomadic paleo-indians as they chased big game such as woolly mammoth southward during the last ice age around 10,000 BCE. At the time, Port Charlotte was not a coastal area; the peninsula of Florida was much wider than it is today and much drier. As the ice melted, the sea level rose and Florida assumed the shape and climate it has today and the paleo-indians gave way to the Calusa, the "shell people. " The Calusa thrived on the southwest Florida coast and numbered over 50,000 when the first Spaniards reached the peninsula in the 16th century. The arrival of the Europeans was devastating to the Calusa, as diseases such as small pox and measles decimated the population. Eventually the Seminole would arrive from points to the north and establish themselves on the peninsula. In 1819, Florida was ceded by the Spanish and became a U. S. territory and in 1845, Florida became the 27th state. For the first 100 years of statehood,...

    There are currently 6 funeral home listings for the city of Port Charlotte, Florida.

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  • Matthew LaPorta (baseball player) was born in Port Charlotte.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Matthew LaPorta (baseball player), John Hall (american football player), David Holmberg (baseball player), and Joseph Carl White II (actor).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Charlotte Sun.

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All Funeral Homes in Port Charlotte

Kays-Ponger Funeral Homes
2405 Harbor Blvd Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33952


Larry Taylor Funeral Home
1700 Tamiami Trl Unit F1 Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33938


National Cremation Society
2525 Tamiami Trl Ste B Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33952


Paul Schelm Funeral Home
2675 Tamiami Trl # A Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33952


Restlawn Memorial Gardens
1380 Forrest Nelson Blvd Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33954

Roberson Funeral Home
2151 Tamiami Trl Send flowers
Port Charlotte, FL 33948