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Funeral Planning and Terminal Illness
Funeral Planning and Terminal Illness

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Cordele Funeral Homes

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    Cordele is also known as: Crisp County / Cordele city.


    In November 1864 the area that is now Cordele served as the temporary capital of Georgia. During the last days of the Confederacy, Georgia's war governor Joseph E. Brown used his rural farm house to escape the wrath of Sherman's March to the Sea. During that time the farm house which Brown called "Dooly County Place" served as the official capital for only a few days. It was replaced in 1890 by the Suwanee Hotel, located in what became downtown Cordele. The hotel was destroyed by a fire in late 1994 and was rebuilt. The small town of Cordele, GA was founded in the southern part of Dooly County in 1888 by J. E. D. Shipp of Americus. The city of Cordele was incorporated on December 22, 1888. It drew great benefits from the presence of two major railroads-the Savannah, Americus & Montgomery line and the Georgia Southern and Florida. It was named after Cordelia Hawkins,...

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    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Preston Dennard (american football player), and Marcus Lamb (televangelist and businessperson).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Cordele Dispatch.

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All Funeral Homes in Cordele

Bentley Carson Memoral Funeral Home
305 W 16th Ave Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31010


Dowdell Funeral Home
709 N Joe Wright Dr Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31010


Hughes & Wright Funeral Home
1010 E 8th Ave Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31010


Jw Williams Funeral Home
407 W 17th Ave Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31010


Nance & Sons Mortuary
501 E 17th Ave Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31010


Rainey Family Funeral Services
1415 E 24th Ave Send flowers
Cordele, GA 31015