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Why Does a Funeral Cost What it Costs?
Why Does a Funeral Cost What it Costs?

The average cost of a funeral in the United States is an estimated $7,500, not including costs associated with the cemetery and the actual burial or disposal of the remains. While this number seems high to... more »

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    West Point is a town in Troup County, with a small tail of the south end of town in Harris County, in the U. As of the 2000 U. This town's present name comes from its being near the western-most point of the Chattahoochee River, where the river turns from its southwesterly flow from the Appalachian Mountain's towards the due south – for all practical purposes – and forms the boundary with Alabama. The large nearby reservoir, Lake West Point, was created by the Army Corps of Engineers by the building of the West Point Dam for water storage and hydroelectric power generation. Lake West Point stores water to be released during dry seasons to help maintain the water level of the navigable inland waterway from Columbus, Ga. south to the Gulf of Mexico. During the late spring of 2003, there was a flood caused by extremely heavy rainfall and thunderstorms upstream of the West Point Dam which caused the water level in...

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    Some of the notable people born here have been: Patty Crosby (journalist).

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Mc Carthy Funeral Home Incorporated
1200 2nd Ave Send flowers
West Point, GA 31833

Mw Lee Mortuary
1304 E 10th St Send flowers
West Point, GA 31833