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At a Loss for Words? Offering Support for a Grieving Family
At a Loss for Words? Offering Support for a Grieving Family

In the midst of death, grief, and funeral planning, it can be very difficult for families to cope with the loss they face. Everyone grieves in a different way, and providing support can be a challenge ... more »

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Idaho Falls Funeral Homes

There are currently 5 funeral home listings for the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Looking for Idaho Falls cemeteries?

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The area that became known as Idaho Falls was initially called Eagle Rock. It was in 1891 that the town changed its name to Idaho Falls after a vote was held by the residents. The name refers to the rapids on Snake River. The rapids were eventually made into falls, and the largest irrigation canal in the world was created which helped to change thousands of acres of desert land into lush farmable land.

All Funeral Homes in Idaho Falls

Buck-Miller-Hann-Funeral Home
825 E 17th St Send flowers
Idaho Falls, ID 83404


Coltrin Mortuary & Crematory
2100 1st St Send flowers
Idaho Falls, ID 83403


Fielding Cemetery
4602 S Yellowstone Hwy Send flowers
Idaho Falls, ID 83415


Rose Hill Cemetery
2355 Rollandet St Send flowers
Idaho Falls, ID 83415


Wood Funeral Home
273 N Ridge Ave Send flowers
Idaho Falls, ID 83415