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Writing an Ethical Will
Writing an Ethical Will

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    Toulon is also known as: Stark County / Toulon city.


    Toulon is located at 41°5′40″N 89°51′44″W / 41. 09444°N 89. 86222°W / 41. 09444; -89. 86222 (41. 094495, -89. 862218). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 0. 9 square miles (2. 3 km), all of it land. Founded in 1841, Toulon was named after an existing town in Tennessee. The Tennessee town was named after Toulon, France. Both Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas passed through Toulon during their 1858 senatorial campaign. The Lincoln and Douglas debates are a well known part of American Political history. While no actual debate took place in Toulon, both men did speak there before the 1860 election. Douglas arrived on October 5, 1858, and was the guest of the hotel kept by B. A. Hall, which was Democratic headquarters. There were no railroads yet in Stark county, the "Little Giant" came in an open carriage, despite the rain, and was accompanied by Lieutenant Governor...

    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Toulon, Illinois.

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DE Bolt-Kidd Funeral Home
120 Miller St Send flowers
Toulon, IL 61483