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Calling a Funeral Home for Information

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  • Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church in Goessel


    Goessel is also known as: Marion County / Goessel city.


    It was named after Captain Kurt von Goessel (1852–1895) who went down with his ship, the Elbe, in the English Channel after it was rammed. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 539. For millennia, the land that is currently Kansas was inhabited by Native Americans. In 1803, most of modern Kansas was secured by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1855, Marion County, Kansas, where Goessel is located, was founded. The year 1874 saw the first wave of an immigration of Russian Mennonites to south-central Kansas. The move was an attempt to preserve religious heritage and freedom. During the next decade, one-third of Mennonites in Russia moved to North America. In 1874 a large portion of the Russian village of Alexanderwohl immigrated en masse to the United States aboard the ships Teutonia and Cimbria. This group split into two groups after arriving in Kansas and founded the communities around Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church and Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church. The village of Alexanderwohl was founded in 1874. Dr. Peter Richert was looking to establish a hospital. He decided to locate the hospital in what...

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Miller Funeral Home
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Goessel, KS 67053