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    Goodland is also known as: Sherman County / Goodland city.


    As of the 2010 census, the city population was 4,489. One of the earliest bits of recorded history relating to Goodland concerns the Kidder Massacre. On July 2, 1867 a detachment of the 2nd United States Cavalry Regiment was massacred; 2nd lieutenant Lyman S. Kidder in command of the party, a sergeant, a corporal, eight privates and an Indian guide lost their lives. They were carrying dispatches for General George Custer. Later, Custer found evidence of a running battle along Beaver Creek, which led to a ravine where the remains were found. They had been killed by Cheyenne and/or Sioux Indians. In 1886, there were four communities all vying to become county seat for Sherman County: Itasca, Voltaire, Sherman Center and Eustis. A man named Clark showed up in the county in 1887 proposing to create a new town to settle the dispute. The new town was to be named Goodland. A vote for the county seat was held among the county population and Goodland won with 872 of the 1495 votes cast while with Eustis received 611 and Voltaire received 12. Citizens of Eustis declared that the votes were unfair but the...

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  • Marla Luckert (judge) was born in Goodland.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Marla Luckert (judge).

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Koons Funeral Home
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Goodland, KS 67735