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What To Do When Someone Dies: Stocks and Investments
What To Do When Someone Dies: Stocks and Investments

One of the types of financial property that commonly passes from one person to another when a death occurs are stocks, bonds, and other kinds of money market investments. The good news about this kind of property is that it is almost always done by the type of individual who put time and effort into financial planning, estate planning, and other long-term objectives. This means there is a good likelihood a will is in place and steps have been taken to smooth the way for beneficiaries to gain control.However, because death can be so sudden and unexpected, this isn't always the case. As... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Solomon, Kansas.

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Carlson Becker Funeral Home
208 W 4th St # W Send flowers
Solomon, KS 67480

Carlson-Becker Funeral Home
208 W 4th St Send flowers
Solomon, KS 67480