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How to Find a Bereavement Support Group
How to Find a Bereavement Support Group

After the funeral planning is finished and the deceaseds remains have been taken care of, one of the top recommendations for the newly bereaved is to find a support group. Although everyone experiences grief... more »

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Stanford Funeral Homes

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    Stanford is also known as: Lincoln County / Stanford city.

    Stanford contains: Lincoln County Courthouse and Stanford L&N Railroad Depot.

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  • Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Laura Kirkpatrick (model), and Marv Foley (baseball player).

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  • History

    Stanford is part of the Danville Micropolitan Statistical Area. Stanford was founded in 1775 by Benjamin Logan as Logan's Fort, alternately known as St. Asaph the name given it by Logan. The site of the original fort is about one mile west of the courthouse at the center of town. The term "Fort Logan" is still used to this day to name local businesses, including the local Fort Logan Hospital and Standing Fort Collectibles. The main street of the town was built on what was originally a buffalo trail. The name Stanford may have been derived from "Standing Fort", which Fort Logan became known as in the late 1770s as it survived multiple attacks by native Americans. It may also have been named for Stamford, England. Although it was one of the smaller forts in Kentucky, it never fell to native attacks. In 1781, the original fort settlement expanded as Benjamin Logan donated a parcel of his own land for the construction of a courthouse. The original county court...

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All Funeral Homes in Stanford

Buffalo Springs Cemetery
630 Ky Highway 78 Send flowers
Stanford, KY 40437


Fox Funeral Home
312 W Main St Send flowers
Stanford, KY 40484


Spurlin Funeral Home
411 W Main St Send flowers
Stanford, KY 40484