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Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone
Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone

One of the most lasting pieces of funeral planning is the words on the headstone. Whether they are clever, meaningful, or just informational, it is these words that will embody the final message of the deceased at the cemetery. Because of this, it is important that the final arrangements made to theheadstone represent what the deceased and the deceaseds loved ones want the world to remember.Virtually all headstones have the deceaseds name and the years of birth and death. Many modern stones also include the actual birth date and date of death as well. These decisions depend... more »


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The state of Kentucky holds one of the most grandeur events in Fall Festival celebrations. This is because of the fact that only a few states have as many great trees as the state of Kentucky. During the Fall Festival, places such as the Blue Heron State Park and Big South Fork National River holds extravagant events which includes Storyteller's Festival usually done late September.

The different events done during the Fall Festival includes the scary story telling which is done by national performers for children coming from different schools and are also done in conjunction with some activities that appeal to the interests of families. There are also dulcimer workshops, concerts and toys from old time being showcased and displayed.

There is also a coal mine town that has been recently restored that has a few buildings where people can enjoy a self-guided tour around the place. There is a total of 150 miles distance for hiking trails and the National River and Area of Recreation has around 180 miles of horse trails that have been marked for people to explore.

There are equestrian campgrounds available in the park; all with modern and new facilities that have hot showers, dump stations, and electric hook-ups. There are also Station Camp Horse Camp located at the west side of Oneida Tennessee and Bear Creek. People planning a trip can easily call the National Park Service Concessionaire in order for them to make reservations at over 24 sites of camps.

There are also some rustic camps available for accommodations at the Charit Creek Lodge with horse stalls. The lodging rates are reasonable enough and the campgrounds at Blue Heron can be found open until the end of month of October. The black bears have also been reintroduced to the parks so park officials advise their guests to store their food safely.

The parks are also great for a night of star gazing as the area boasts not having light pollution. Aside from those mentioned above, class III and IV white water rafting activities are also available in the area. There are simply a lot of things that can be done on the Fall Festival of Kentucky.

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