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What To Do When Someone Dies: Life Insurance

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Skowhegan Funeral Homes

  • Water Street in c. 1908


    Skowhegan contains: Skowhegan CDP and Eaton Mountain.


    The Skowhegan Falls (which have since been replaced by the Weston Dam) descended 28 feet over a half mile on the Kennebec River. This was once territory of the Norridgewock tribe of Abenaki Indians, whose village was located in Madison until 1724, when it was sacked during Dummer's War. From spring until fall the tribe fished here, where abundant salmon and other species could be caught by wading. Consequently, they named the area Skowhegan, meaning "watching place [for fish]. " The land was settled in 1773 as a part of Canaan. Colonel Benedict Arnold and his troops passed through the village in 1775 on their way to the ill-fated Battle of Quebec. It would be set off from Canaan and incorporated on February 5, 1823 under the name Milburn. The first officials of the town...

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Dan & Scott Adams Cremation
445 Waterville Rd Send flowers
Skowhegan, ME 04976


Smart & Edwards Funeral Home
261 Madison Ave Send flowers
Skowhegan, ME 04976

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