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Funerals and the Baby Boomer Generation
Funerals and the Baby Boomer Generation

It comes as no surprise for most people to discover that funeral planning traditions stem from the lives and viewpoints of older generations. The reason so many of the services offered through a funeral home are... more »

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Bowie Funeral Homes

  • MD564 at Chapel Ave.


    Bowie is also known as: Prince George's County / Bowie city.

    Bowie tourist attractions include: Belair Mansion and Glen Echo Park, Maryland.

    Bowie contains: Williams Plains, Bowie Railroad Buildings, and Belair Mansion.

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  • Chris Wright (basketball player) was born in Bowie.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Chris Wright (basketball player), Mike Lonergan (basketball coach), Marianne Curan (comedian and actor), Brad Schumacher (swimmer), Paige Moss (actor and voice actor), and Margaret Craig (printmaker and artist).

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  • Belair Mansion


    The city of Bowie owes its existence to the railway. In 1853, Col. William Duckett Bowie obtained a charter from the Maryland legislature to construct a rail line into Southern Maryland. In 1869, the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Company began the construction of a railroad from Baltimore to Southern Maryland, terminating in Pope's Creek. The area had already been dotted with small farms and large tobacco plantations in an economy based on agriculture and slavery. In 1870, Ben Plumb, a land speculator and developer, sold building lots around the railroad junction and named the settlement Huntington City. By 1872, the line was completed, together with a "spur" to Washington DC and the entire line through Southern Maryland was completed in 1873. Huntington City was renamed in honor of the son of William Duckett Bowie and his business partner, Oden Bowie, who was President of...

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All Funeral Homes in Bowie

Beall Funeral Home
6512 Crain Hwy Send flowers
Bowie, MD 20715


Murray Areather Incorporated
11721 Woodmore Rd Send flowers
Bowie, MD 20721


Robert E Evans Funeral Home
16000 Annapolis Rd Send flowers
Bowie, MD 20715


Snead Mortuary Service
1409 Fairlakes Pl Send flowers
Bowie, MD 20721

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