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Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)
Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)

When it comes to our families, some of us have a few more members of the four-footed variety. Funeral planning for our pet isnt something that comes up very often between playtime and feeding, but it is an issue that has to be addressed. Cats and dogs have shorter life spans than humans, making burial arrangements an inevitable necessity. Understanding your options, however, can make planning a funeral for your pet much easier.Pet Burial OptionsMany pet owners initially think of burying their pet at home in the yard. While its true that funeral planning at home is easier,... more »


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Maryland has a lot of museums. One example is the National Museum of Dentistry. It may be unlikely that a whole museum is dedicated for dentistry but it makes it very unique. Although seeing a gaping mouth with all its teeth exposed can be very disturbing, the museum is rich with information about the history of dental care.  It also shows the evolution of dental apparatus and tools.  It also shows old commercials of toothpastes and the many changes their packaging went through.  It was built to make people aware of their dental hygiene and the history of oral health.

Another interesting museum is the Geppi's Entertainment Museum.  It was built by Stephen A. Geppi, a postman with little education who became a millionaire by being a comic book distributor.  This museum houses different eye-catching artifacts that have to do with toys and comic books.  Most toys are not being produced anymore.  Some are strange and odd, but fairly amusing.  The highlight is the shrine of rare comic books.  Some are even bonus editions and only a limited number was produced.

One more intriguing museum is the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.  It holds wax replicas of famous African-American people who have made a big difference in the USA and in the world.  There's a warning, though, for young people.  Some of the displays are graphic, especially those that portray the times of black slavery and discrimination.  There are a lot of other museums you could check during a visit to Maryland.  They may be strange and not so usual, but there's always a lesson that can be learned and there are a lot of facts that are worth knowing about.

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