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What is a Home Funeral?
What is a Home Funeral?

When it comes to funeral planning, the modern consumer has more options than ever before. From cremation and green burial to traditional interment, there is a ceremony for every type of personand every budget.Those hoping to reduce funeral costs even moreand to put the focus back on familyhave one more option: the home funeral. Once the only way to say goodbye to those we love, a home funeral is exactly what the name suggests. Instead of having a memorial service at a funeral home and burying the deceased in a cemetery, the entire process takes place at home.The Home Funeral... more »

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There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Gwynn Oak, Maryland. Looking for Gwynn Oak cemeteries?

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Beth Tfiloh Congregation Cemetery
5800 Windsor Mill Rd Send flowers
Gwynn Oak, MD 21207