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What To Do When Someone Dies: Grief Resources
What To Do When Someone Dies: Grief Resources

The bulk of this series on What to Do When Someone Dies deals with funeral planning and steps for moving through the estate and probate process. However, all the financial and legal paperwork in the world can't... more »

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Oakland Funeral Homes

  • Location of Oakland, Maryland


    Oakland is also known as: Garrett County / Oakland town.


    Oakland is situated only miles from the source of the Potomac River, which flows directly into the Chesapeake Bay. It is also near the Wisp Resort at Deep Creek Lake, a major ski resort for many Marylanders and other visitors. The Autumn Glory Festival, a fall festival that attracts a great number of tourists, takes place in Oakland every October. Oakland was formally incorporated as a town in 1862. The town was named after a large oak tree on 2nd street. A prominent landmark and historical site is the Oakland Train Station. A gift shop is located within the station. In front of the station, there are a plethora of festivities that go on, mainly seasonal activities such as housing the town Christmas tree, decorating the plaza for a holiday, and sometimes parties. Main Street of Oakland consists mainly of historic two to four story buildings that house the main shopping in the area, such as a theatre, museum, book store, a...

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All Funeral Homes in Oakland

David A Burdock Funeral Homes
21 N 2nd St Send flowers
Oakland, MD 21550

Deer Park Cemetery
464 Main St Send flowers
Oakland, MD 21561


Garrett County Memorial Garden
881 Memorial Dr Send flowers
Oakland, MD 21550


Stewart Funeral Home
32 S 2nd St Send flowers
Oakland, MD 21550

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