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  • Location of Bellaire, Michigan


    Bellaire is also known as: Antrim County / Bellaire village.


    The town has a very scenic main street, and is a popular location for tourists. Bellaire is also home to the Antrim County Courthouse, a historic structure built in 1905. The Antrim Review, the county's newspaper of record, is headquartered in downtown Bellaire. The Bellaire post office opened under the name Keno on June 20, 1879 and changed to Bellaire on May 26, 1880. Also, in 1880, Bellaire became the county seat of Antrim County, a position that Elk Rapids had previously had. The Chicago & West Michigan Railroad built a depot in Bellaire in 1891, and the East Jordan & Southern Railroad built another line into the town in 1901. For years, Bellaire was a major railroad center in Antrim County, so the town attracted many industrial corporations. For example, the wooden bowl company (which made wooded utensils) built a factory in Bellaire because of the ease of transportation. Bellaire remained a transportation center until 1962, when the East Jordan and Southern abandoned their trackage through Bellaire, and the Chesapeake & Ohio...

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  • Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Roger Mason (baseball player).

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Mortensen Funeral Homes
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Bellaire, MI 49615

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