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Paying for a Parents Funeral

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  • CalumetTheatre CalumetMI


    Calumet is also known as: Houghton County / Calumet village.

    Calumet contains: Keweenaw National Historical Park, The Calumet Theatre, Calumet and Hecla Industrial District, Calumet Fire Station, and Calumet Historic District.

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  • Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Brian Despain (illustrator).

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  • History

    Calumet ( /kæl. juːˈmɛt/ kal-yew-MET) is a village in Calumet Township, Houghton County, in the U. S. state of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, that was once at the center of the mining industry of the Upper Peninsula. Also known as Red Jacket, the village includes the Calumet Downtown Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The village may itself be included within the Calumet Historic District, a larger area which is NRHP-listed and which is a National Historic Landmark District. It is bordered on the north by Calumet Township, on the south by the unincorporated town of New Town and Blue Jacket , on the east by Blue Jacket and Calumet Township, and on the west by Yellow Jacket and Calumet Township. The population was 798 at the 2010 census. Calumet's nickname is Copper Town U. S. A. What is now Calumet was settled in 1864, originally under the name of "Red Jacket", named for a Native American Chief of the Seneca tribe. Until 1895 the name "Calumet" was used by the nearby town of Laurium, Michigan; present day Calumet was not legally named so until 1929. Red Jacket grew due to the copper mines in the area. It was incorporated as a town in 1867. The...

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All Funeral Homes in Calumet

Erickson-Crowley Funeral Home
26090 E Pine St Send flowers
Calumet, MI 49913


Lake View Cemetery
24090 Veterans Memorial Hwy Send flowers
Calumet, MI 49913


Ryan Funeral Home
109 6th St Send flowers
Calumet, MI 49913

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