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How to Have a Sea Burial
How to Have a Sea Burial

Although it might seem like an archaic practice to those accustomed to modern funeral planning, sea burials have long been an acceptable way to dispose of human remains. For some cultures, the act of returning... more »

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Grosse Ile Funeral Homes

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    Grosse Ile is also known as: Grosse Ile Township, and Michigan.

    Grosse Ile contains: St. James Episcopal Church.

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  • History

    According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 18. 3 square miles (47 km), of which 9. 6 square miles (25 km) is land and 8. 7 square miles (23 km), or 47. 4%, is water. Grosse Ile is the largest island on the Detroit River. The township of Grosse Ile is actually composed of twelve islands, although the community is most often identified with the main island (which residents simply refer to as "The Island"). Grosse Ile's main island is technically composed of two islands. The tip of the main island's northern section is named Hennepen Point in honor of the 17th century French explorer Father Louis Hennepin. It is uninhabited and separated from the remainder of the northern section by an unnamed canal that cannot be navigated in a power boat. The southern section of the main island is separated from the northern section by the...

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Grosse Ile Memorial Cemetery
21370 Knudsen Dr Send flowers
Grosse Ile, MI 48138

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