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Pet Memorial Gift Ideas

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Hazel Park Funeral Homes

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    Hazel Park is also known as: Oakland County / Hazel Park city.


    In October 1882, a group of farmers gathered in a home located at the present-day city hall and had a meeting, requesting for a school to be built. A one-room school was eventually built in 1883 and later expanded to two rooms. In 1884, John W. Benjamine petitioned the state of Michigan to form a school district out of Royal Oak Township. Benjamine, who was Royal Oak Township's School Inspector, decided to name it Hazel Park School District 8, after the surplus amount of Hazelnut bushes in the area. In 1920, another building, the Lacey School, was built on present-day Woodruff Street. The original Hazel Park school was sold to Frank Neusius, who used it to open a barber shop and a grocery market. It was not until Ford, based out of Highland Park, began to expand that Hazel Park experienced significant growth. Hospitals, offices and shops began to thrive around the area of 9 Mile Road. In 1924, Hazel Park's first traffic light, post office and Deputy Sheriff's office were established. ...

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All Funeral Homes in Hazel Park

Ashley-Scott Funeral Home
329 E Woodruff Ave Send flowers
Hazel Park, MI 48030


Eternal Assent Society
23376 Easterling Ave Send flowers
Hazel Park, MI 48030


Hopcroft Funeral Home
23919 John R Rd Send flowers
Hazel Park, MI 48030

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