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Whimsical Funeral Themes: Too Far?
Whimsical Funeral Themes: Too Far?

Funeral planning is not immune to the power of popular culture. Although this industry is one that has a tendency to adopt change at a slower pace, technology has made it easier to incorporate thing like webcasts, memorial websites, and QR codes on headstones into your funeral plans. For some people, these types of things are part of the ever-changing world in which we live; for others, theyre too much of a departure from tradition to be a comfortable funeral planning choice.Of course, todays funeral innovations go beyond computers and technology. One of the most recent images to... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Highland Park, Michigan. Looking for Highland Park cemeteries?

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CW Morris - JW Henry Funeral Homes Incorporated
12700 Hamilton Ave Send flowers
Highland Park, MI 48288


Evergreen Cemetery
19807 Woodward Ave Send flowers
Highland Park, MI 48203