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Funerals and Dove Release Memorials
Funerals and Dove Release Memorials

If you're funeral planning for a loved one and want to incorporate a touching memorial, a dove release ceremony might be the perfect choice. Dove release ceremonies are common in both funerals and weddings, with a similar role in each one. For funerals, the dove's ascension represents the final journey of the soul into Heaven; for weddings, it is a message of hope for the future. The final outcome in both cases is that family members are comforted and able to look past the present emotions to a happy lifetime ahead of them.What Types of Doves are Released at Funerals?The doves... more »

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There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Millington, Michigan.

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Hanlin Funeral Home
4823 Main St Send flowers
Millington, MI 48746