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What are Cremation Societies?
What are Cremation Societies?

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Montrose Funeral Homes

  • Location of Montrose Township within Genesee County, Michigan.


    Montrose is also known as: Genesee County / Montrose city.


    Montrose was first settled in 1835 by Daniel Pifford as part of present neighboring Vienna Township. Originally named Pewonagowink Township when organized in 1848, but was later changed at the request of John Farquharson, a Scot, renamed the township to Montrose to impress his Scottish friends. The village of Montrose was incorporated from a portion of the township in 1899. Montrose today is supported by local agriculture and commuter traffic to the greater Flint area. It has its own school system. Since 1972, it has held the Montrose Blueberry Festival annually, every third weekend in August. State St. in 1912. The book No Quitters Here: Quest for the Dome by B. M. Woodward discusses the Montrose High School Football Team's ten year winning streak from 1988 - 1998. They Had 88 regular season wins in a row. Second longest win streak in MHSAA history. motto "Hoka Hey" meaning today is a great day to die. Michigan's former Lieutenant Governor, John D. Cherry, graduated from Hill-McCloy High...

    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Montrose, Michigan.

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O'Guinn Family Funeral Home
239 Hickory St Send flowers
Montrose, MI 48457