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Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone
Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone

One of the most lasting pieces of funeral planning is the words on the headstone. Whether they are clever, meaningful, or just informational, it is these words that will embody the final message of the deceased at the cemetery. Because of this, it is important that the final arrangements made to theheadstone represent what the deceased and the deceaseds loved ones want the world to remember.Virtually all headstones have the deceaseds name and the years of birth and death. Many modern stones also include the actual birth date and date of death as well. These decisions depend... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Okemos, Michigan.

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East Lawn Memory Gardens
2400 Bennett Rd Send flowers
Okemos, MI 48864


Michigan Funeral Directors
2420 Science Pkwy Send flowers
Okemos, MI 48864