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Cremation and Burial Alternatives

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Park Rapids Funeral Homes

  • Location of Park Rapids, Minnesota


    Park Rapids is also known as: Hubbard County / Park Rapids city.


    The city was founded in 1890 near the Fish Hook River rapids and is located along U. S. Route 71 and Minnesota State Highway 34. Park Rapids became a city in 1890, and was named by Frank C. Rice after the park groves and prairies beside the Fish Hook River rapids. These rapids have since been dammed. Park Rapids and the surrounding Hubbard County area have three major transportation services. For air travel, Park Rapids is serviced by the Municipal-Konshok Field Airport. According to the FAA, the airfield is publicly owned by the City of Park Rapids and has a physical address of 212 W. 2nd St. , Park Rapids, MN 56470. Also serving the Park Rapids and Hubbard County area for ground transportation is the Hubbard County Heartland Express bus service and a local taxi service. U. S. Route 71 and Minnesota State Highway 34 are two of the main arterial routes through the city. Highway 34 was expanded in 2008 into a five-lane...

    There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Park Rapids, Minnesota.

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  • Interesting Facts

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Park Rapids Enterprise.

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All Funeral Homes in Park Rapids

Cease Family Funeral Home
710 1st St W Send flowers
Park Rapids, MN 56470


Jones-Pearson Funeral Home
608 Park Ave S Send flowers
Park Rapids, MN 56470