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Tribute Videos and Funeral Planning
Tribute Videos and Funeral Planning

If youre planning the funeral of a loved one, you may come across a pamphlet or advertisement for a tribute video. Funeral videos are a way of creating an audio-visual tribute to the deceased through a series of photographs, images of favorite items, captions or titles, and music. Popular in recent years because of the blurring of the lines between the funeral industry and technology, video tributes are also a unique and beautiful way to provide a touch of personalization to the memorial service. For more in depth funeral planning guidance, download our guide "7 Insider Tips You Need... more »

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Clay Center Funeral Homes

There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Clay Center, Nebraska.

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Mc Laughlin Funeral Home
102 W Sutton St Send flowers
Clay Center, NE 68933

Mc Laughlin Funeral Home
113 N Brown Ave Send flowers
Clay Center, NE 68933