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Burial or Cremation? Making the Difficult Decisions
Burial or Cremation? Making the Difficult Decisions

In the past, funeral planning was almost entirely done with traditional burial in mind. This time-honored approach to saying goodbye has long been a staple of the funeral industry in the United States, taking... more »

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  • The Slayton Jubilee Singers entertain employees of the Old Trusty Incubator Factory, Clay Center, about 1910


    Clay Center is also known as: Clay County / Clay Center city.


    Clay Center is located at 40°31′20″N 98°3′18″W / 40. 52222°N 98. 055°W / 40. 52222; -98. 055 (40. 522291, -98. 055076). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 0. 7 square miles (1. 8 km), all of it land. Clay Center was laid out in the summer of 1879. An election on November 4, 1879, confirmed Clay Center as the location for the Clay County seat following months of heated competition with rivals Sutton and Harvard. W. D. Young erected the first building on the site, a frame structure, which was used as the temporary courthouse. In February 1887 Clay Center became an incorporated village. Industrial development began in 1903 when M. M. Johnson built a factory to manufacture "Old Trusty" poultry incubators and brooders that were sold nationwide. The factory provided employment for hundreds of local citizens. The Johnson Company established radio station KMMJ in 1925 to promote its products, and the station made Clay Center a well-known and respected name in...

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Mc Laughlin Funeral Home
102 W Sutton St Send flowers
Clay Center, NE 68933

Mc Laughlin Funeral Home
113 N Brown Ave Send flowers
Clay Center, NE 68933