Unusual Custom Urns

Unusual Custom Urns

Unusual Custom Urns

Long gone are the days when the only options to hold the ashes of a loved one were a simple wooden box or an elaborate cemetery urn. Although boxes and urns are still used today (and can be quite elegant or even customized to suit your preferences), there are dozens of other ways you can store cremated remains. If you want to make a statement or honor the deceased, these unusual custom urn ideas are here to help.

Picture Cubes: Many ash boxes have been upgraded to hold photos on each side panel. This allows you to put favorite pictures, printed poems, hand-written notes, and other mementos directly on the cremation vessel. Since these can be personalized and changed throughout the years, they are great for remembering someone you were close to.

3D Printed Urns: Now that more and more people have 3D printers at home (or have access to one at work), it is possible to design almost any kind of custom urn you want. It is best to find a provider who specializes in urns, since you will want to make sure the scope and design are perfect, but you can choose almost any landscape, image, or idea you want.

Wood Carvings/Laser Printings: Box urns made of wood offer a unique chance to personalize the exterior with wood carvings, laser prints, and burned effects. Elegant and timeless, these types of boxes also tend to be less expensive than metal urns of similar size.

Paper Urns: A paper urn might sound strange, but they actually have a very specific purpose: they are biodegradable and can therefore be buried, planted, or even sent off into a lake, river, or ocean for a water burial. Although you’ll need permission before you dispose of cremated remains on any public land, a paper urn is an ideal way to meet the ecological restrictions that might be in place.

Unusual Custom Urns

Stuffed Animal: If you lose a child, a stuffed teddy bear or other animal can provide both a loving place to store the ashes and a comforting way to mourn. Although this type of urn won’t last forever, it is ideal when you want something a little more unique and hands-on.

Matching Sets: In a large family, it is sometimes best to divide the ashes of a beloved parent or relative among everyone. Many urn companies sell matching vessels or handmade sets that allow you to store a little bit of ashes in smaller containers that can then be handed out to all those who want them.

Handmade vessels are also an option if you or a loved one has crafting skills. As long as the container is air-tight and well-lined, there’s almost no kind of container that can’t hold at least a small portion of your loved one’s remains.

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