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What is Bio Cremation?

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Orchard Funeral Homes

  • Location of Orchard, Nebraska


    Orchard is also known as: Antelope County / Orchard village.


    The Orchard Historical Society was formed in 1989. The Historical Society is a non-profit organization and relies strictly on donations and fundraisers. The mission of the Historical Society is to preserve the history of the community of Orchard and the surrounding area. Austin King and Lloyd Drayton built Rex Theatre in 1914. A feature film was shown on Tuesday and Wednesday and another on Saturday and Sunday. The original theatre had a capacity of 250-300 people. The interior was beautifully decorated and had every known convenience for the patrons. The last show for the Rex Theatre was held on Nov. 14, 1970. In 1992 the Orchard Historical Society purchased the Rex Theatre from Don Cleveland family. The current building houses many artifacts from Orchard's past. The building is available for rent at a minimal cost. The Rex Theatre comfortably seats 100 people, has a modern kitchen, and is handicap accessible. District 57 schoolhouse has a long history in Antelope County. According to the county superintendent, the district was one of the first rural schools in northwest...

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Ashburn Mortuary
State Highway 20 E Send flowers
Orchard, NE 68764