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What To Do When Someone Dies: Bank Accounts

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Auburn Funeral Homes

  • Auburn Genny


    Auburn is also known as: Cayuga County / Auburn city.

    Their current mayor is Mayor Gilda Brower, who took office June 4th, 2015.

    Auburn contains: William H. Seward House, Willard Memorial Chapel-Welch Memorial Hall, Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged, Schines Auburn Theatre, and Case Memorial-Seymour Library.

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  • Mark Jindrak (wrestler) was born in Auburn.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Mark Jindrak (wrestler), Eric Adams (singer and musician), Joey DeMaio (musician and bassist), Jeremy Morin (ice hockey player), Ann Marie Buerkle (lawyer and nurse), Jerry O'Neil (race car driver), and Steven R. Nickol (politician).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Syracuse New Times and Cayuga Collegian.

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  • Auburn, New York


    Auburn is home to the Auburn Doubledays minor league baseball team, which is owned by the Auburn Community Owned Non-Profit Baseball Association, Inc. The daily newspaper published in Auburn is The Citizen. The site was called Ahsku by the Tuscarora, an Iroquoian American Indian people who inhabited the area after being pushed to the north by tribes in the Southeast. The region had been Iroquois territory for centuries before European contact and historical records. Auburn was founded in 1793 by European-Americans, in the post-Revolutionary period of settlement of western New York. The founder John L. Hardenbergh was a veteran of the American Revolution who, like many other migrants, came to the area for the chance of land. He was buried in Auburn's Fort Hill Cemetery. The community grew up around Hardenbergh's gristmill and sawmill. Originally known as Hardenbergh's Corners in the town of Aurelius, the settlement was renamed Auburn in 1805 when it became the county seat. Auburn became an...

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All Funeral Homes in Auburn

Auburn Soule Cemetery
Franklin Street Rd Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13024


Brew Funeral Home
48 South St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Cheche Funeral Home
15 Henry Dr Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021

Cheche Funeral Home
1778 Clark Street Rd Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Farrell's Funeral Service Incorporated
84 South St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021

Fort Hill Cemetery Association
19 Fort St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Heieck Pelc Funeral Home
42 E Genesee St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Langham Funeral Home
75 E Genesee St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Nicpon Funeral Home
235 State St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


Plis Funeral Home Incorporated
220 State St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021


St Joseph's Cemetery Association
6020 Lake Avenue Ext Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13022


Wade WE Sons Incorporated
22 Church St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021

White Chapel Funeral Home Incorporated
197 South St Send flowers
Auburn, NY 13021