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Choosing a Cemetery Plot: A Checklist
Choosing a Cemetery Plot: A Checklist

One of the most important decisions youll make while funeral planning is which cemetery plot to choose. Although it is possible to move buried or cremated remains after they have been interred, it is a very... more »

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    Greenwood Lake is also known as: Orange County / Greenwood Lake village.


    The Village of Greenwood Lake is in the south part of the Town of Warwick. The Village of Greenwood Lake was originally settled as a farming community in the 1700s in the area of an earlier village occupied on almost exactly the same spot by the Munsee Indians. Some of these farms were purchased by the Morris Canal and Banking Company in 1837, and portions of them were inundated when a dam was built that same year, greatly increasing the size of the lake. The enlarged lake attracted tourists, and a grand hotel operated by Theron Felter was operating within the area of the Village by at least 1851. The development of the village itself dates to 1856, when most of the available land was purchased by Solomon Caldwell, who divided the land for sale as “hotels, villa sites and town lots. ” Subsequent plot plans suggested renaming the community the “Town of Avington” in 1884,...

    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Greenwood Lake, New York.

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Strong-Basile Funeral Home
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Greenwood Lake, NY 10925