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Planning Your Travel To A Funeral

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Fargo Funeral Homes

  • Downtown Fargo in 2007


    Fargo is also known as: Cass County / Fargo city.

    Fargo tourist attractions include: Fargo Theatre, Fargo–Moorhead, Fargo Air Museum, Fargodome, and The Roger Maris Museum.

    Fargo contains: Fargodome, Lewis House, Powers Hotel, Fargo Theatre, and Fargo North High School.

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  • Charlie Korsmo (lawyer and  actor) was born in Fargo.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Charlie Korsmo (lawyer and actor), Paul Gaustad (ice hockey player), Jan Maxwell (actor), Jennifer Baumgardner (writer and author), Mark Ladwig (figure skater and coach), Neal D. Barnard (physician and writer), and Jonny Lang (singer and songwriter).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, High Plains Reader, and The Spectrum.

    Fargo is home to the following sports teams: North Dakota State Bison men's basketball and North Dakota State Bison volleyball.

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  • Fargo Theatre


    Fargo is the largest city in the U. S. state of North Dakota and the county seat of Cass County. In 2010, its population was 105,549, and it had an estimated metropolitan population of 208,777. Fargo, along with its twin city of Moorhead, Minnesota, as well as adjacent West Fargo, North Dakota and Dilworth, Minnesota, form the center of the Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area. Founded in 1871, Fargo is the crossroads and economic center of southeastern North Dakota and a portion of northwestern Minnesota. The area that is present-day Fargo was an early stopping point for steamboats floating down the Red River during the 1870s and 1880s. The city was originally named "Centralia," but was later renamed "Fargo" after Northern Pacific Railway director and Wells Fargo Express Company founder William Fargo (1818 - 1881). During the 1880s, Fargo became the "divorce capital" of the Midwest because of...

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All Funeral Homes in Fargo

Boulger Funeral Home
123 10th St S Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58103


Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home
215 7th St S Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58124

Holy Cross Cemetery Association
1502 32nd Ave N Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58105


Ivers Landblom Funeral Home
324 Roberts St Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58122


Korsmo Funeral Service
409 8th St S Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58124


Riverside Cemetery Association
2102 5th Ave S Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58125


Sunset Memorial Gardens
1715 52nd Ave S Send flowers
Fargo, ND 58104