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Funeral Planning: The Realities of Cremation
Funeral Planning: The Realities of Cremation

If youre considering cremation as a funeral planning option for yourself or a loved one, its important to have all the facts first. Although cremation is growing in popularity as a low-cost and... more »

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    Celina is also known as: Mercer County / Celina city.


    Celina was founded in 1834 in a swampy, wooded area that had to be drained and cleared before it could be settled. What remained was a level town surrounded by rich farm fields. When one of the town's founding fathers Joshua Bruggeman was traveling through New York state to get the town plat lithographed, he came across the town of Salina situated on the edge of Onondaga Lake near Syracuse. Noting the similarity between Salina and the newly founded settlement in Ohio, he named the new town Celina. The spelling was changed to avoid confusion at the post office, or so the story is told from past legends. Another legend has it that the spelling was changed because in Salina, NY, Main Street is oriented east-west (also Market Street is oriented north-south), where in Celina, OH, Main Street is oriented north-south (and Market Steet is oriented east-west). Celina grew slowly after its founding in 1834. In 1880, only 1,346 people resided in the community, but over the next...

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    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Grand Lake Journal and Celina Daily Standard.

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All Funeral Homes in Celina

Cisco Funeral Home
6921 State Route 703 Send flowers
Celina, OH 45822


Dick & Sons Funeral Home
218 W Market St Send flowers
Celina, OH 45822


Lehman Funeral Home
901 Myers Rd Send flowers
Celina, OH 45822


Swamp College Cemetery
6496 Karch Rd Send flowers
Celina, OH 45828