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What To Do When Someone Dies: Bank Accounts

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Shelby Funeral Homes

  • West Main Street in downtown Shelby in 2008.


    Shelby is also known as: Richland County / Shelby city.

    Shelby contains: Pioneer Career and Technology Center.

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  • Downtown Shelby Ohio

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  • Location of Shelby, Ohio


    state of Ohio, northwest of the city of Mansfield. Prior to white settlement, various Native Americans called the Ohio country their home. They include the Shawnee, the Delaware, the Mohican, and the Wyandot tribes. In April 1818, Stephen Marvin and his wife, Sarah Brown (Sherwood) Marvin, along with her mother, Deborah (Burr) Sherwood Moyer, arrived from Connecticut. In 1816, Stephen's parents, Isaac and Hannah (Hoyt) Marvin had purchased land near Mohawk Hill in Jackson Twp. , east of present-day Shelby. Other early settlers were Mr. & Mrs. Eli Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Whitney, and Revolutionary War veteran James Gamble and his son, John. Gamble’s Mill Post Office was established in 1826. It was named after the horse-powered grist mill around which the fledgling community grew. On June 26, 1834, James Gamble had laid out “the Town of Shelby. ” He named it after Gen. Isaac Shelby, a hero of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 and first governor of Kentucky. Lot No. 1 was located at the southwest corner of West Main and South...

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All Funeral Homes in Shelby

Barkdull Funeral Home
33 N Gamble St Send flowers
Shelby, OH 44875


Oakland Cemetery Sexton
116 1/2 S Gamble St Send flowers
Shelby, OH 44875


Turner Funeral Home
168 W Main St Send flowers
Shelby, OH 44875

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)