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Planning a Long-Distance Funeral
Planning a Long-Distance Funeral

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Washington Court House Funeral Homes

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    Washington Court House contains: Fayette County Courthouse.


    " Washington C. has an unusual street grid layout. Typically, street grids are arranged east-west and north-south, especially in the Midwest. In this case, the streets in the downtown area, centering on the courthouse building, are arranged northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast. This was done so that all four sides of the courthouse building would receive some sunlight every day of the year. In the traditional grid system, the north side of a...

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  • Margaret Peterson Haddix (writer and  novelist) was born in Washington Court House.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Margaret Peterson Haddix (writer and novelist), Art Schlichter (american football player), Jeff Shaw (baseball player), and Nathan Williams (american football player).

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All Funeral Homes in Washington Court House

Kirkpatrick Funeral Home
554 Washington Ave Send flowers
Washington Court House, OH 43160


Morrow Funeral Home
415 E Court St Send flowers
Washington Court House, OH 43160


Washington Courthouse Cemetery
1741 Washington Ave Send flowers
Washington Court House, OH 43160