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Are Funeral Expenses Deductible on My Taxes?

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    Heavener is also known as: Le Flore County / Heavener city.


    Heavener is best known for the Heavener Runestone just outside the city limits. The cryptic stone appears to have letters from the runic alphabet, which were possibly etched by pre-Columbian Norsemen. There is such an attraction that a state park has been erected around the mysterious rock. Due to this purported connection the nearby school Carl Albert State College in the city of Poteau changed its mascot in the early 1990s from the "Trojan" to the "Viking. " There is a small weekly newspaper in the town called The Heavener Ledger. The radio tower for KPRV FM radio sits on top of Poteau Mountain less than a half mile from the Runestone. KPRV broadcasts out of nearby Poteau and has a sister station with the same call letters on the AM band. The Kansas City Southern Railway, which operates a major yard, crew base, and fueling facility in Heavener, has been the town's largest employer for over seventy years. The second largest employer in Heavener is OK Foods http://www. okfoods. com . ...

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710 W Highway 270 Send flowers
Heavener, OK 74937

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)