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Funeral Luncheon Etiquette and Advice
Funeral Luncheon Etiquette and Advice

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Cumberland Funeral Homes

  • Cumberland Town Hall


    Cumberland contains: Ashton Historic District and Berkeley Mill Village.


    The population was 33,506 at the 2010 census. Cumberland was originally settled as part of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, which was purchased from the local Native Americans by the Plymouth Colony. It was later transferred to Rhode Island as part of a long-running boundary dispute. William Blackstone (also spelled William Blaxton in colonial times) was the first European to have settled and lived in Cumberland. (He was also the first European to have settled in Boston, but left there when he and the newly arrived Puritans disagreed about religion. ) He preached his brand of tolerant Christianity under an oak tree that became an inspiration to Christians worldwide. He lived on a farm in the Lonsdale area of Cumberland, where he cultivated the first variety of American apples, the Yellow Sweeting. The site of his home is now occupied by the Ann & Hope mill. The popular tourist destination "Nine Men's Misery" is a tomb found on the grounds of a former Trappist monastery (Abbey of Our Lady of the Valley), part of which was destroyed...

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  • Bobby Farrelly (screenwriter and  film producer) was born in Cumberland.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Bobby Farrelly (screenwriter and film producer), Tim White (referee), Mike Goodreau (actor and screenwriter), and Cynthia Farrelly Gesner (actor and lawyer).

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All Funeral Homes in Cumberland

JJ Duffy Funeral Home
757 Mendon Rd Send flowers
Cumberland, RI 02865


O'Neill Funeral Home Incorporated
3102 Mendon Rd Send flowers
Cumberland, RI 02864


Resurrection Cemetery
W Wrentham Rd Send flowers
Cumberland, RI 02895

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