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Attending a Masonic Funeral
Attending a Masonic Funeral

When it comes to funeral planning, religion and culture arent the only determining factors in how a ceremony is conducted. If the deceased was a member of the Freemasonry (the oldest functioning... more »

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Jackson Funeral Homes

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    Jackson is also known as: Madison County / Jackson city.

    Jackson contains: Generals Park.

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  • Al Wilson (american football player) was born in Jackson.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Al Wilson (american football player), Ronald M. Pirtle (businessperson), Van Jones (author and lawyer), Artis Hicks (american football player), Ed Jones (american football player and actor), Trey Teague (american football player), and Wayne Chism (basketball player).

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  • History

    Jackson is a city in Madison County, Tennessee. The total population was 65,211 at the 2010 census. Jackson is the primary city of the Jackson, Tennessee metropolitan area, which is included in the Jackson-Humboldt, Tennessee Combined Statistical Area. Jackson is located at 35°37′59″N 88°49′15″W / 35. 63306°N 88. 82083°W / 35. 63306; -88. 82083 (35. 633132, -88. 820805). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 49. 5 square miles (128 km), all land. Jackson's executive Mayor is elected every four years. In 2007, Jerry Gist was elected to succeed Charles Farmer who had served since 1989. The City Charter also provides for a legislative body of nine members, each elected by and representing a unique district. Jackson's City Court Judge serves an eight year term with a fixed salary during each term. The current judge is Blake Anderson. The court may dispose of misdemeanors and hold a preliminary hearing for felonies. If the Judge holds that probable cause is established for felonies, then the decision is bound to the grand jury for indictment and then to Circuit Court. Settlement of...

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All Funeral Homes in Jackson

Arrington Funeral Directors
148 W University Pkwy Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38305


Bledsoe Funeral Home Incorporated
256 Middleton St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Corporate Funeral Providers
148 W University Pkwy Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38305

Cosmopolitan Funeral Services
239 W Lafayette St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Ford Funeral Home
230 Stonewall St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


George A Smith & Sons Funeral
1544 S Highland Ave Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301

Griffin Funeral Home
300 E College St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301

Griffin Funeral Home Advanced Planning
3360 Highway 45 S Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38366


Hollywood Cemetery
406 Hollywood Dr Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home
403 E Baltimore St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Mercer Brothers Funeral Home
501 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Parkway Memorial Gardens
256 Middleton St Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38301


Ridgecrest Cemetery
216 Ridgecrest Rd Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38305


Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home
807 N Hays Ave Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38303


Yarborough Mortuary Service
252 Gordon Street Send flowers
Jackson, TN 38362

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)