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Writing a Letter of Last Instructions
Writing a Letter of Last Instructions

There are many different types of official arrangements for funeral planning and other end-of-life issues. From wills and living trusts to funeral insurance, the right amount of preparation can leave a clear and easy path for the loved ones you leave behind.Of course, not everything is always so formal. For many people, a discussion about burial wishes or resuscitation orders is enough. These require a lot less planning and legal work, leaving you to enjoy life while you still have it.However, leaving everything to a single verbal discussion or other hazy wishes can be... more »

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Sandy Funeral Homes

There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Sandy, Utah. Looking for Sandy cemeteries?

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When pioneers settled Sandy in the 1860's they set up as a small farming community, but when mining was introduced to the area as well as the addition of the railroad Sandy became a bustling mining town. Sandy maintained its mining industry into the 1890's when the mines failed, and Sandy went back to its agricultural roots. Though many mining town disappeared, Sandy thrives to this day.

All Funeral Homes in Sandy

Crescent Cemetery
11105 S State St Send flowers
Sandy, UT 84070


Lake Hills Memorial Mortuary
10055 S State St Send flowers
Sandy, UT 84070

Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 East 10600 South Send flowers
Sandy, UT 84092