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Funeral Mediation: When Families Disagree
Funeral Mediation: When Families Disagree

Death and funeral planning have the tendency to bring out the best and the worst in people. While families might hope that the loss of a loved one will bring them together as a cohesive unit, it is often found... more »

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    Saltville was named for the salt marshes in the area. Prior to European settlement, these marshes attracted local wildlife. Excavations at the SV-2 archaeological site in the area have recovered several well preserved skeletons of now extinct species dating back to the last ice age. Indigenous peoples of varying cultures hunted at the marshes. The historic Native American people in the area were the Chisca. Archaeologists in 1992 proposed the existence of a prehistoric "Saltville Complex Petty Chiefdom", with a paramount village located at the Chilhowie High School site, 44SM8. They reported "Saltville style gorgets" as well as iron and copper materials, scattered across the region. During the spring of 1567, Spanish conquistador Hernando Moyano led a force of 15-20 soldiers northward from Joara, a city in what is now western North...

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    Some of the notable people born here have been: Clay Davidson (singer and singer-songwriter).

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Dr Henderson Funeral Home
148 W Main St Send flowers
Saltville, VA 24370

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