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At a Loss for Words? Offering Support for a Grieving Family
At a Loss for Words? Offering Support for a Grieving Family

In the midst of death, grief, and funeral planning, it can be very difficult for families to cope with the loss they face. Everyone grieves in a different way, and providing support can be a challenge especially if you're uncertain what you can do that won't add even more worry or work to an already overburdened load.Depending on how well you know the family (and your location), here are a few different types of support you can provide.Ask what you can do to help with the funeral plans. Although showing up at the funeral home to help pick out a casket or providing your thoughts... more »

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Friday Harbor Funeral Homes

There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Friday Harbor, Washington. Looking for Friday Harbor cemeteries?

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Evans Funeral Chapel & Crematory
1005 Stuart Is E Send flowers
Friday Harbor, WA 98297


San Juan County Cemetery Dist
11 Mill St Send flowers
Friday Harbor, WA 98250