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Hoquiam Funeral Homes

  • Downtown Hoquiam


    Hoquiam is also known as: Grays Harbor County / Hoquiam city.

    Hoquiam contains: 7th Street Theatre.

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  • History

    The town borders the city of Aberdeen at Myrtle Street with Hoquiam to the west. The two cities share a common economic history in lumbering and exporting but Hoquiam has maintained its independent identity. Aberdeen is more populated but the two cities have a long rivalry especially in high school sports (see Athletics). Hoquiam (Ho'-kwee-um)or (Ho-kwim, to natives) was incorporated on May 21, 1890. Its name comes from a Native-American word meaning "hungry for wood". In 2010 the population was 8,726. As of the 2000 census, there were 9,097 people, 3,640 households, and 2,245 families residing in the city. The population density is 992 people per square mile (383/km²). There are 4,023 housing units, with an average density of 438. 7 per square mile (169. 4/km²). The racial distribution of the city is 89. 32% White, 5. 75% Latino, 3. 86% Native American, 1. 18% Asian, 0. 32% African-American, 0. 07% Pacific Islander, 2. 09% from other races, and 3. 18% from two or more races. The white population breaks down as 14. 6% American, 13. 8% German, 9. 6% Irish, 6. 8% English and 5. 7% Norwegian...

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Coleman Mortuary Incorporated
422 5th St Send flowers
Hoquiam, WA 98550

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