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What Does a Funeral Director Do?
What Does a Funeral Director Do?

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Rainsville Funeral Homes

  • Location of Rainsville, Alabama


    Rainsville is also known as: DeKalb County / Rainsville city.


    An EF5 tornado struck this city on April 27, 2011 leaving twenty-six fatalities. It touched down in Lakeview initially causing structural damage to small buildings and snapping trees. It grew in intensity and the path width increased from around fifty yards to a half a mile as the rotation entered the Rainsville and Sylvania communities. Damage included houses that were completely removed from foundations and debris scattered for about one mile, trees debarked, and a few mobile homes were completely destroyed with debris strewn for about a mile downstream. In Sylvania, some of these houses completely removed from foundations contained anchor bolts and foundation straps. Further surveys will be conducted along points between Fyffe and Lakeview and eventually beyond Sylvania with additional damage. Rainsville is located at 34°29′32″N 85°50′43″W / 34. 49222°N 85. 84528°W / 34. 49222; -85. 84528 (34. 492258, -85. 845316). According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 19. 9...

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All Funeral Homes in Rainsville

Kirk Memorial Gardens
114 Kirk Rd Send flowers
Rainsville, AL 35971


Rainsville Funeral Home
498 Mccurdy Ave N Send flowers
Rainsville, AL 35986


Wilson Funeral Chapel Incorporated
2226 Main St E Send flowers
Rainsville, AL 35986