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Best Places to Scatter Ashes
Best Places to Scatter Ashes

If youve recently cremated a loved one and are looking for creative yet respectful ways to dispose of the ashes, an ash scattering ceremony is a good choice. Although not every public or private area allows... more »


Alabama Funeral Homes

There are currently 651 funeral home listings for the state of Alabama. Looking for Alabama cemeteries?

The origin of Alabamas name is "tribal town" in the Creel Indian language. In 1939, it adopted a motto that goes like "Audemus jura nostra defendere" translated as "We Dare Defend Our Rights". Marie Bankhead Owen, the then Director of the State Archives came upon the idea while she was looking for a phrase that would speak of the spirit Alabamans have. The motto was influenced by Sir William Jones's poem entitled "What Constitute a State?" A University of Alabama professor translated it into Latin.

However, there are a bit strange laws in the state too. For an instance, it is considered unlawful in Alabama to play dominoes in Sunday. In Huntsville, you cannot move your bed without a permit. The Alabama Board of Funeral Services mandates that funeral homes, the only one whom they issue license to sell funeral supplies, should exhibit no lesser than eight adult caskets in their display rooms. However, people can still purchase caskets and urns from am outside sellers such as retailers on the Internet. The Federal Trade Commission on the other hand orders that the mortuaries cannot ask the buyer for a handling fee or require their presence when the supplies are delivered.

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