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How to Plan a Green Funeral
How to Plan a Green Funeral

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    Tallassee (first called Talisi by the Creek Indians) is a city on the Tallapoosa River, located in both Elmore and Tallapoosa counties in the U. S. state of Alabama. At the 2000 census the population was 4,934. It is home to a major hydroelectric power plant at Thurlow Dam operated by Alabama Power Company. The Elmore County portion of Tallassee is part of the Montgomery Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the Tallapoosa County portion is part of the Alexander City Micropolitan Statistical Area. The historic Creek peoples in this area are believed to have descended from the Mississippian culture, which flourished throughout the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys and the Southeast from about 1000 to 1450. They were mound builders, who created massive earthwork mounds as structures for political and religious purposes. They relied greatly on fishing and riverway trading at their major sites (c. f. Moundville, Tuscaloosa). Some historians and archeologists postulate that in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, this verdant area had the second-largest permanent American Indian settlement in North America. Talisi was a town of the Coosa Province of the Mississippian culture; it was...

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  • The film 'Big Fish' was filmed in Tallassee and released in 2003.

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    Tallassee has been featured in films like: Big Fish (2003).

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Jeffcoat Funeral Home
255 Friendship Rd Send flowers
Tallassee, AL 36078