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Are There Differences between Male and Female Funeral Directors?

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  • Jackson County Courthouse


    Scottsboro is also known as: Jackson County / Scottsboro city.


    It is located 30 miles each from the state boundaries of Georgia to the east (Dade County) and Tennessee to the north, about 45 miles from Huntsville, Alabama to the west and about 55 miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee to the northeast. Prior to Scottsboro's founding, the area surrounding the present-day city was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. While the Tennessee Valley did not have large Native American settlements at the time of the first white settlers, there was a Cherokee town named "Crow Town" near where Scottsboro is located today. As settlers began pouring into the Tennessee region, they found the Tennessee River to be an excellent source of food, water, and a way of shipping goods to the big cities. John Hunt, in 1805, decided to migrate to the area and built a small log cabin in the woods near the river. More people settled in the area and Huntsville was formally incorporated in 1811. More settlers moved into the Mississippi Territory, resulting in the statehood of...

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All Funeral Homes in Scottsboro

Henshaw's Scottsboro Funeral
1502 County Park Rd Send flowers
Scottsboro, AL 35769


Rudder Funeral Home
716 S Broad St Send flowers
Scottsboro, AL 35768


Scottsboro Cemetery Department
502 Parks Ave Send flowers
Scottsboro, AL 35769