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Anniversary Memorial Services

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  • Court Square


    Alexander City is also known as: Tallapoosa County / Alexander City city.


    The city was traditionally based around the textile industry, but in recent times its economic base has become more diversified as textile jobs have gone elsewhere. Alexander City was incorporated in 1872 as Youngstown, after its founder James Young. In 1873 the Savannah and Memphis Railroad came to the city. The city was renamed in honor of the railroad's President Edward Porter Alexander, hero of the Battle of Gettysburg for the Confederate States. On June 13, 1902, at 1 pm, a fire broke out in the Alexander City Machine shop and destroyed much of the town. At the time, Alexander City did not have a water system and all buildings, including the telegraph office, post office and three banks were burned. Alexander City is located at 32°55′59″N 85°56′10″W /...

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    There are currently 6 funeral home listings for the city of Alexander City, Alabama.

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  • Terrell Owens (american football player and  actor) was born in Alexander City.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Terrell Owens (american football player and actor), Scottie Vines (american football player), and Eltoro Freeman (american football player).

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All Funeral Homes in Alexander City

Armour's Memorial Funeral Home
1465 N Central Ave Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35010


Bass Funeral Home
131 Mason St Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35010


Hillview Memorial Park
1926 Hillabee St Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35011

House of Hutchinson Funeral Home
715 Jefferson St Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35010


Radney's Funeral Home Incorporated
1326 Dadeville Rd Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35010


Wright's Funeral Service
1395 N Central Ave Send flowers
Alexander City, AL 35089