Jewelry to Wear to a Funeral

Jewelry to Wear to a Funeral

Jewelry to Wear to a Funeral

Because funerals tend to be formal and call for more careful attention to your attire than usual, it makes sense that you will put on some jewelry before you leave the house. A string of pearls, an understated watch, a favorite family brooch—all these things are common to wear to a funeral and can appear very tasteful.

However, there are some jewelry items to avoid at a funeral. Because the goal is to show your respect without drawing any excess attention to yourself, you might want to take a last look over your outfit and take the Coco Chanel approach: Before leaving the house, one should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.

Items to Avoid

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules about what jewelry you can or cannot wear to a funeral, any item that is oversized is generally frowned upon. A chain that clanks, a large pendant that moves every time you walk, or a flashy jewel that catches the light might not be appropriate for the tone of the day. Anything that could cause a disturbance should be avoided.

Family Heirlooms

When a close relative dies, the importance of family has a way of moving to the front of everyone’s mind. Many people bring out heirlooms to wear at a funeral for this exact reason. Feel free to wear that necklace, ring, or brooch that has been a part of your family for years—but only if there is no discord over its ownership. Wearing a piece of jewelry that has been or will be part of a contested inheritance is in poor taste.

Jewelry to Wear to a Funeral

Religious Jewelry

Many people want to wear religious items to a funeral, and this is perfectly acceptable. A simple cross or rosary will not intrude on the funeral and may, in fact, bring you great comfort for your loss. If the funeral is of a different religious denomination, you may still choose to wear these things, but do so discreetly.

Memorable Pieces

Did the deceased love animals? A cat brooch or dog cufflinks might add a nice touch. Were they a huge fan of costume jewelry? Bring out the ruby necklace. Did they enjoy a good country song and dance? A bolo tie might be the perfect fit. Paying homage to the deceased with an understated piece of jewelry can be a nice tribute.

Keep it Simple

Above all else, it is important to remember that if you are unsure about a piece of jewelry, it is probably better to leave it at home. Wearing nothing but a wedding ring is common at a funeral, and no one will think you are underdressed if you keep things to a bare minimum.

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