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Milan Funeral Homes

  • Location of Milan, Illinois


    Milan is also known as: Rock Island County / Milan village.


    The village is located near the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. Before ceasing operations in 2003, Eagle Food Centers was based out of Milan. The village is on the Rock River in northwest Illinois, about 4 miles upstream of its outlet to the Mississippi. The village is the site of the south campsites which comprised the Sauk and Fox village of Saukenuk, once the second-largest Native American inhabitation in North America. Originally platted along the right-of-way for the Hennepin Canal, in 1837, the village site was called in land speculation papers "Hampton" (not the town in Illinois, approximately 13 miles north-northeast, on the Mississippi River—see Hampton, Illinois for more). "Hampton's" land speculators, George Camden and Franklin Vandruff, sold land along the Rock River, along a north-west flowing creek, which was re-routed north into the Rock's main channel. Along Mill Creek, the industries of wool-carding and (river clamshell) "pearl" button-making helped rename the village by 1841 as Camden Mills. The village has "sister cities" in...

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Family Funeral Services
110 20th Ave W Send flowers
Milan, IL 61264


Larson Funeral Home
430 2nd Ave W Send flowers
Milan, IL 61201


Wheelan Pressly Funeral Home
201 4th Ave E Send flowers
Milan, IL 61264