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Funeral Planning and Terminal Illness
Funeral Planning and Terminal Illness

One of the most common questions we get here on our blog is when is the best time to start funeral planning? By now, almost all of us have heard about the options in funeral pre-plans, which range from setting aside funding via a trust or funeral insurance policy to actually planning the details and paying for caskets and burial plots in advance.What most of us don't consider is exactly when planning a funeral is best. Is it when you're in your 40s? 50s? Facing retirement?There is no single answer to this question, and only you and your loved ones can decide for sure when to... more »

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Iowa City is a known force in the literary world and some of the most renowned authors from over 120 countries have attended the numerous writing workshops and programs that are held in Iowa City. The city is also home to the Literary Walk that consists of bronze relief squares that quote acclaimed authors works. The panels are connected by generalized quotes about writing that are imprinted into the concrete sidewalk.

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Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service
2720 Muscatine Ave Send flowers
Iowa City, IA 52245


Lensing Funeral & Cremation
605 Kirkwood Ave Send flowers
Iowa City, IA 52240


Memory Gardens Cemetery Incorporated
2600 Muscatine Ave Send flowers
Iowa City, IA 52245


St Joseph's Cemetery
1122 N Dodge St Send flowers
Iowa City, IA 52244