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Marksville Funeral Homes

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    Marksville is also known as: Avoyelles Parish / Marksville city.

    Marksville contains: Fort DeRussy.

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  • D'Anthony Batiste (american football player) was born in Marksville.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: D'Anthony Batiste (american football player), Isaiah Greenhouse (american football player), and Chad Lavalais (american football player).

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  • History

    Marksville is named after Marc Eliche, who established a trading post after his wagon broke down in this area. He was a Jewish Italian trader, believe to be from Venice, whose Italian name was recorded by a Spanish priest as Marco Litche, and as Marc Eliche by French priests after his trading post was established about 1794. Marksville was noted on Louisiana maps as of 1809. He later donated land that became the Courthouse Square that is still the center of Marksville today. Marksville has a strong Creole and Cajun population whence they have many families that have been there since it was incorporated, a few of these families are Sylvan, Trahan, Malveaux and Zachary. Louisiana Creole and Louisiana French is spoken in this town . During the American Civil War, Marksville late in 1862 hosted Confederate soldiers from Texas who, in the words of the historian John D. Winters, "built wooden huts to shelter themselves from...

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All Funeral Homes in Marksville

Avoyelles Memorial Funeral Home
334 Acton Rd Send flowers
Marksville, LA 71351


Hixson Brothers Funeral Home
445 W Bontemps St Send flowers
Marksville, LA 71351


Kramer Funeral Home
1924 Highway 1 Send flowers
Marksville, LA 71351